Homely Carpet

By | April 19, 2018

What Makes Carpet Perfect For Homes?

With so many flooring options today, deciding what to dress up your space with can be tough. Some may wonder if carpeting holds any advantages over hard-surface flooring. Read on to see why carpet may be your best choice.


Sound moves further when there’s no carpet around. You’ve probably been in a room that’s bare of carpet and noted that sound tended to bounce-off the walls, creating an echo. This is because hard surfaces transmit sound rather than absorb it like soft surfaces do. Carpet makes for a much quieter space.


Ever noticed that your feet get sore and achy after spending some time walking or standing on concrete or ceramic tiles? A hard surface is just that: hard. It offers no flexibility underfoot, so it lacks the ability to act as a shock absorber for your footsteps. Carpet not only feels nice to sit, lay and walk on, it also provides shock absorption thanks to its cushioning.


Carpet adds insulation value to a room, and the thicker the carpet, the higher the insulation factor. Reducing heat loss means carpeting can help you save on heating bills. This could amount to big savings annually for regions that experience cold weather.


Hardwood floors and ceramic tiles take up many pages on interior design websites, but carpet has a style of its own. From casual and comfy to luxurious and elegant, carpet can give a room an entirely different look and feel, just by changing the carpet style. Consider a long frieze for a casual space or short-pile fur for a formal room.


There’s been a long-running debate about whether carpet alleviates or aggravates health problems like allergies and asthma. For years, people with respiratory conditions were advised to remove the carpeting in their abodes and replace it with hard flooring. But recent studies have shown that carpet is more beneficial than hardwood, tile, vinyl and laminate floors for folks with breathing difficulty. With years of experience in the industry, our friends at Dober Floors have agreed to the benefits of having carpets too. Specialising in many areas of flooring, carpeting is just one of them (http://www.doberfloors.com.au/carpet-layers.php).


Hard surfaces can be slippery, and landing on them when falls or slips do happen is not fun. In addition to providing a soft landing surface, carpet prevents falls, particularly on stairs. A hardwood staircase can be a fall hazard if there are young, elderly or disabled persons in a home. Properly selected carpet ensures safety by preventing many tumbles.


Carpet is an affordable way to liven up your abode. It costs much less than hard flooring, with many textures, colours and weaves on offer. More expensive, higher quality carpeting looks nicer and lasts longer than vinyl.


Many hard-surface floors, like vinyl and hardwood, require special preparation before installation. Sub-floor specs must be met, and existing flooring must be coated. Carpet typically eliminates the elbow grease, as it can be installed over sub-floors, with less stringent requirements.

When buying carpet, whether Berber, Saxony, Velvet or Frieze, consider its quality and longevity, and factor in the cost of padding and installation. No matter how chic and cosy the carpet looks and feels, without proper carpet laying, its beauty and snug will fade in no time.