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By | January 15, 2018

Reasons to Hire a Pest Controller

Living together with pests is a nightmare. Imagine, every day, watching a spider dangle from your living room or an ant scurry across your kitchen floor. Pest infestations can contaminate your home, damage your property and create an uncomfortable atmosphere. The best and quickest method of eliminating pests isn’t DIYing or using bug juice. For safe, lasting extermination, you have to hire a professional pest controller. Only pros can eradicate the unwanted animals and insects.

Your Health Matters

Besides being creepy and pesky, pests carry hazardous bacteria and harmful diseases that can expose your family to illness. Roaches, for instance, carry Salmonella and E. coli on their bodies and can cause allergies and asthma. Ants can contaminate food, wasps can cause injuries and bees can trigger allergic reactions. Tick bites can result In Lyme disease, a dangerous condition with symptoms of rashes, extreme illness and severe fatigue.

Identify and Eliminate Pests

Most pest controllers can eliminate pests including rodents, spiders, ants, fleas, roaches, wasps and bees. Chemicals and baits are used to eliminate and extract pests. An expert technician knows the proper chemical dosages and where and when to apply them.

Professionals have the experience and training to identify pests and eliminate them. Some companies specialize in green or organic pest control. Others eradicate pests using baits or pesticides. Live trapping and relocation of bees is becoming common as more folks recognize the pests’ role in pollination and food production.

Finding the Source

Pest controllers maximize the effect of the treatment by locating the root of the infestation. More infestations are likely if you eliminate pests without finding what attracts them to your home. To prevent future infestations, pest control companies find the source and eliminate it. Sources might be soil, garbage, nests, pet food, egg batches or cracks in your walls.


A pest control company provides quicker and better results than a DIYer. Because of their quality chemicals and expert skills, they can eliminate pests in a timely fashion. Most technicians take one to six hours to wipe out minor infestations, and a week to manage larger problems.

Avoiding Damage

Rodents and bugs can damage your home – destroying clothes, carpets, walls, rugs, furniture, floors and foundations. Eventually, you have to repair this damage or pay someone to fix it. Paying an expert to eliminate pests, quickly and efficiently, can save you money and protect your property.

Treatment Costs

Price varies depending on the type of pest, severity of the problem, size of your property and the expert you hire. Interior treatments are cheaper than exterior treatments. Pests like bed bugs and termites are more expensive to eradicate. Termite control is definitely recommended. Your home has to be pest-free all year long. Periodic treatment, whether annual, per quarter or per month, is the route to follow. The rates are low and the results are splendid.

Expert exterminators can treat your home to prevent pests from becoming a nuisance indoors and outdoors. So quit doing it yourself and hire a pro, who guarantees a pest-free home, throughout the year.

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