Pool Fencing Designs

By | July 18, 2018

Great Tips for Glass Pool Fencing

Glass fence panels can be used for loads of different projects; which include fencing for your garden; for a veranda; for outside entertaining areas and bars or shops. Glass fencing is extremely popular and very pleasing to the eye, and ensures any area looks stylish whilst remaining minimalist, neat and tidy and above all other considerations – safe. Today we are going to take a look at glass pool fencing.

Requirements for fencing off a swimming pool
  1. It is a legal requirement for you to have your pool enclosed with fencing panels that are childproof. This means tall enough to stop children from climbing over them, but also the fence panels need to be climb proof (slippery).
  2. If you choose glass pool fencing, it needs to conform to certain standards in glass strength and thickness to meet Australian health and safety guidelines and requirements.
  3. Glass pool fencing needs to be set a certain distance from the pool without balustrade or with balustrade. It is important that you know these distances, or that you get a professional in who knows the distances and the legal requirements you need to stick to, to meet health and safety requirements and needs.

Why Glass Pool Fencing?

Here are some reasons why glass pool fencing is a great and safe alternative to everyday fencing for a pool enclosure construction.

  • Glass pool fencing looks great and gives you unobstructed views across your pool and garden while remaining safe for children and other people using your pool.
  • Although the construction of the fencing is glass, it is made of toughened glass that is ridiculously strong. All glass fencing in Australia must adhere to all minimum standards set out in health and safety guidelines. Also, because of the nature of glass and the slippery surfaces, it is almost impossible for children to climb the toughened glass.
  • You can sit outside your pool enclosure and still see what is going on at all times.
  • Professional glass pool fencing fitters – can fit your fencing very quickly and with very little stress involved, and nowadays glass fencing compares very favourably in comparison to other fencing alternatives. Glass Fence Constructions (www.glassfenceconstructions.com.au) are on the cutting-edge of design and safety guidelines for glass pool fencing. You can find their contact details on their site to get in touch and learn more.
  • Your garden and pool area will look and feel stylish and uncluttered.
  • Glass pool fencing requires very little maintenance and for the best results should be cleaned with inexpensive diluted soap and water and then rinsed thoroughly with plenty of water.

Glass pool fencing compares very favourably in price to all over fencing alternatives, used to make childproof fencing enclosures for swimming pools. Likewise, glass fencing looks more stylish and fashionably pleasing in a minimalist style, compared to alternative fencing materials used. However, more important than any other consideration, is the safety aspect of glass fencing.

Glass fencing is perfect, in regards to parents being able to supervise and watch children through the screening, and this does make glass fencing the most suitable and sensible option for parents. The fundamental advantages of glass fencing combined with the pleasing appearance and easy maintenance, makes glass pool fencing continue to be the best choice for the construction of swimming pool enclosures.