Pests Under Control

By | December 20, 2017

Effective Pest Control: Tips and Tricks

Learning how to clean or paint is just the first step. As a homeowner, you must know how to deal with bugs and rodents that invade your space. Failure to do so, you will find many unwelcomed guests and receive hefty bills from the pest control Brisbane North company. Read on to learn how to deal with pests in your home.

Act Fast

Don’t wait until a pest problem becomes an infestation. Call an expert or take action yourself. Just because you saw a few critters or rarely see them, does not mean your residence is safe. One or two pests can breed rapidly and grow into a huge colony. Do something quick or expect uncontrollable problems later. Bring in an exterminator or arm yourself with insecticides and get rid of those crawlers, flyers and creepers.

Inspect Thoroughly

Investigate the roof and foundation of your house. Make sure there are no holes or cracks that pests can sneak through. If you notice any, seal them immediately. Avoid using caulk as pests can chew through it. Instead, use a barrier made of mesh or copper wires.

Utilise Repellents

One effective way to control pests is using electronic pest repellents. Just plug one in a socket in every room. It makes a buzzing sound that keeps rodents at bay. The noise won’t affect you and your pets. But rodents cannot stand the buzz, and they will run for their dear lives.

In-house Inspection

Before you buy a house, have it inspected by a reliable pest control company. Some infestations are easy to locate and eliminate. However, those inside the walls or under your home won’t be noticeable till a comprehensive examination is done. That may take a few days.

Nuisance Pests

Did you spot some carpenter ants in your residence? These ants are typically attracted by wet wood. There may be a leak in your roof or somewhere in your house. Call a plumber for complete inspection of your plumbing system. Once the professional fixes the leak, focus on eliminating the ants with Borax or a similar pesticide. Get a termite barrier from

React and Prevent

Be reactive as well as preventative. Yeah, you need to exterminate the pests dwelling in your home. But be sure to treat the source of the problem as well. Is your place dirty? Clean it. Is there a crack in your walls or floor that brings pests in? Fix it as soon as possible. Do you leave food outside? Dispose of leftovers. This will prevent pests from coming back again.

Proper Food Storage

Keep food in the fridge or sealed containers. Foodstuff can attract a variety of pests, from ants to rats. Buy extra containers if you do not have enough. Use them to seal bread, cereals and sugar.  It will cost a lot less than hiring an exterminator.

Clean the Outdoors

Overgrown plants and debris in your yard may invite pests to your place. Therefore, get rid of litter, trash, shrubs and rubble in-and-around your property. Such eyesores are habitats for pests.

Follow the above tips from North Lakes Pest Control to keep your business premises and residential place pest free.