Maintaining Solar Panels

By | January 24, 2018

Maintain Your Solar System to Improve Its Performance and Efficiency

Solar maintenance is a task you can’t afford to skimp on. Since a solar system works by absorbing energy from the sun, it’s vital to keep the panels clean. Insufficient care can affect the performance of these panels as they won’t generate enough energy for your home. As long as you prevent dirt and other debris from settling on the panels, you’re good to go.

Buy a Cleaning Kit

It has to contain a wiper, a liquid soap and a small brush. These items are similar to car wash products. If you can’t buy a cleaning kit, then you can use car cleaners as an alternative. Never use household cleaners – dishwasher detergents or old towels. These can damage your solar panels.

Form Lather

In a bucket, mix the liquid soap with clean water. Check the label of the detergent’s bottle to see what amount you need to mix. It’s about the same proportion you use when washing your car. Too much soap leaves a thin residue on the surface of the solar panel. This may take a while to clean up.

Scrub the Panels

Dip the brush into the soapy water and rub it over the panels. For larger panels, use a brush with a long handle. A small handheld brush is suitable for panels with smaller arrangements. Don’t use a brush with tough or feeble bristles. You want a brush that scrubs the solar panels thoroughly without leaving scratches.

Wipe the Panels

Using a wiper, wipe the solar panels when they’re still wet. Don’t let the soap dry on the panels. The residue limits the amount of sunlight the panels can absorb, making them inefficient. Using old towels is a no-no. Such towels may be too dirty or too rough. Instead, use a soft, clean cloth.

Hire a Cleaner

If some of the parts are difficult to clean, hire a professional cleaner. Some solar panels are complex to wash. And certain stains, especially bird droppings, can be hard to clean. It’s better to hire a pro than to risk damaging your panels. Professional cleaners possess the right cleaning kit and do the job right the first time.

Monitor Performance

Install a monitoring system to track and assess the performance of your panels. When the performance goes down, do maintenance. Hire a solar company to install the monitoring system. This task is too complex to do it yourself. Installing a monitoring system is advantageous. Here are some of the pros…

  • Monitor how much energy your solar panels produce.
  • Benefit the environment by lowering carbon emissions. When filing your tax returns, this may help you obtain tax benefits.
  • Know which parts of your solar system aren’t functioning well and need repair.
  • See information regarding your solar panels via the Internet or on a wall-mounted display.

Cleaning your solar panel on a regular basis, or paying someone to do the job, is important. A clean solar system works efficiently and won’t need repairs. What better way to save money and energy than this?