Eradicating Uninvited Pests

By | July 30, 2018

Tips to eradicate uninvited pests from your home

Our homes have more occupants that we expect. Despite having immaculate hygienic standards, the number of insects and pests in our living spaces is very high then we anticipate. Their existence may be harmless though others are very dangerous. The uninvited guests pose a danger to our health’s, our property even the existence of the structures we live in. Rodents and insects tend to breed in areas that are: dumpy, poorly ventilated, vacant and with poor hygienic levels. Insects and rodents are very undetectable until they start doing substantial damage to carpets, wallpaper, garments, furniture and fittings, or on the building.

Common insects and rodents

Rats and mice

They are the most notorious intruders in our homes. Their ability to feed on the different type of object makes their survival rate in any environment very high. They hide in dark places and are very still in movement, making them barely noticeable. Their population increase very fast due to their ability in large number and very quickly.

Issues related to rat and mice infestation

Rodents are very dangerous when not eradicated

• Allergies

Rodent’s droppings cause allergic reactions to adults and children as they are like mould and dust. Prolonged exposure can cause asthma.

• Diseases

Rodents are perfect carriers and breeding grounds to disease-carrying parasites. These guests are known to contaminate human food; once the food is consumed, there are higher chances of having salmonella.

• Property distraction

Rodents are very notorious for destroying property things around the house. Their ability to eat different materials makes a list endless.


$5 billion is the average costs of repairs realtors incur every due to the damage caused by termites. Termites live in colonies making them a destructive force to carpets, wooden furniture and fittings, wallpaper and around the building


Places with poor hygienic conditions are survival grounds for ants. The smell of food and dirt attracts them. Ants tend to survive in dump areas especially dirty dishes left overnight and dripping water.



These are the most resilient animals on the planet. The ability to survive the harshest condition make then quite impossible to eradicate them.

Ways of getting rid of insects and rodents

• Regular cleanup

Insects cannot survive in sterile environments since the cleaning agents contain killing agents that make the place inhabitable for them.

Carpets, on the other hand, are homes to insects as they not regularly washed. Vacuuming alone does not finish the job that’s why seeking cleaning companies may be useful.

• Green-eradication

This involves the planting of plant repelling herbs around the house. Tulsi and mints are common pests’ repellant plants that are human-friendly. Air conditioning on the hand is very effective as temperature flow around the living space making it unbearable for pests. Other methods include the use of garlic, salt and alcohol. Natural oils are mixed with other ingredients work just like pesticides when sprayed on pest prone areas.

• Baits and traps

This method is applicable in rodents due to their size and predictability to live in dark places and holes. Traps should be installed to capture and eradicate pests and not harm humans in return.

• Pest eradicators

Sometimes it’s wise leaving the job to experts (e.g. as they ensure that they not only eradicate them but put preventive measures.


Pests crowd our living spaces, and they pose greater dangers when they are not eradicated. The quality of our living spaces will improve by using simple steps in preventing pest invasion.