Cheap, Easy Plumbing

By | January 10, 2018

Plumbing: The Cheapest and Easiest Way

Your drainage system is clog-free and faultless, but eventually, it needs repair. Plumbers are expensive and there is no way to dodge the costs. However, there are several ways to get the most out of your plumber and save a couple of dollars in the process.

Compare hourly rates

Hiring a reputable company with the lowest rate sounds direct and simple, but it doesn’t work all the time. For starters, reputability is not an established reputation. In the plumbing industry, some of the most advertised companies have the worst profile. That’s why it’s important to get recommendations from others. Another problem is how plumbers calculate their rates. Some include travel time because they drive from job to job. Though price is the first – and often only thing – in the selection process, you should consider customer satisfaction.

Minimise plumbing needs

There are some problems you can spot and solve yourself. One is the build-up of grease in your pipes. You can counteract this by pouring hot, soapy water down the pipe. Hair is another nuisance. In most scenarios, hair gets trapped in the drain cover. It’s much easier to remove hair from the drain than it is to clear a clogged pipe. Another expensive, but preventable issue is frozen pipes. Make sure all the pipes are insulated or in heated spaces. DIY plumbing can save you money. Call a plumber when things get greasy.

Buy plumbing fixtures

Normally, plumbers sell you the faucets, sinks and toilets that they install. They buy these items at a discount but charge full price. The proceeds from the sales cover the costs of purchase and storage. Nowadays, some stores charge lower prices than those plumbers pay their suppliers. If you have time, you can shop around and buy your own fixtures. This approach is money-saving but you need to shop carefully. First, great buys are poorly made. Second, the items have no warranty. Lastly, the products have installation quirks. Buying a fixture from a plumber ensures you get quality stuff and expert fitting.

Install water savers

Water treatment is costly. When you minimise water usage, you can lower plumbing bills. If you have an old, water-guzzling toilet, which needs repair, consider replacing it entirely. Instead of spending money on frequent repairs, invest wisely and get a nice fixture that is durable and reliable. That will save you big bucks over the long run. You can do the same for showerheads and faucets. Anytime these fixtures need attention, consider replacement with new, water-saving units.

Remodel the smart way

Get two or more quotes if you are planning extensive remodelling work. Check the prices and listen to the suggestions of each plumber. Decide which price fits your budget and which ideas match what you want. Always get a fixed quote for the job. Only sign a contract that shows the model numbers. In case the plumber installs a wrong fixture, you can determine whose fault it is.

With our tips in mind, you won’t break a sweat or the bank when your drains clog, pipes leak, sinks block or faucets drip. If worse, comes to worse, hire an expert like to take care of your plumbing issues.