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Solar Panel Maintenance

Is It Necessary To Clean Solar Panels? One question normally asked by those who are new to solar is “Do solar panels get dirty?” Solar panels don’t get dirty quickly. But dust, bird droppings, leaves and other debris build up over time. This has a negative impact on solar panel efficiency if not dealt with… Read More »

DIY Solar

Do It Yourself Tips for Residential Solar It’s not that hard to install and maintain your solar system. You just need help wiring and metering. Besides an electrician, pay a handyman to assist you during installation. Doing it yourself is a brilliant idea because you can size your solar system any way you want. It… Read More »

Maintaining Solar Panels

Maintain Your Solar System to Improve Its Performance and Efficiency Solar maintenance is a task you can’t afford to skimp on. Since a solar system works by absorbing energy from the sun, it’s vital to keep the panels clean. Insufficient care can affect the performance of these panels as they won’t generate enough energy for… Read More »