Artificial Flowers vs. Real Flowers

By | March 7, 2018

Why Artificial Flowers Are Better Than Real Flowers

Flowers decorate spaces, turning them from ugly to lovely. For your new floral arrangement, whether indoors or outdoors, consider the use of artificial blooms. People look for beauty and elegance in their bouquets, so real flowers get more love. Silk blossoms are upping their game and about to outclass the charm of fresh buds. Thanks to the Artificial Plant & Flower Shop, we have you sorted. See their artificial flowers on their website if you are needing some for yourself.


Flowers are expensive once they’re cut, prepared and arranged into bouquets. While faux florets vary in price, they cost way less than real blooms. The higher the price, the more durable they are and realistic they look.

Hassle Free

Shopping for artificial flowers is fun and easy. You can order them online, have them delivered to your doorstep and arrange them in your own free time.

No Expiration Date

Silk flowers are sturdy and everlasting, unlike fresh buds, which are prone to breaking or wilting. Permanent botanicals are great décor for your home. When stored and maintained properly, silks last a lifetime without losing their charm.


Believe it or not, artificial flowers are friendlier to the environment than their real counterparts. It depends on how they’re shipped. Thanks to their infinite shelf-life, silk blooms can be transported slowly. They’re mostly conveyed by sea freight instead of air freight. This shipment system reduces the production of carbon dioxide.


Artificial flowers don’t rely on weather changes. Your blooms won’t dry in the winter or wilt in the summer. If you live in a tropical area, silk flowers are nice to have.

Fun fact: Faux flowers are grand props for the movie industry. Filming a movie scene can take days or weeks. If that scene requires florets, it becomes more-and-more expensive to replace the bloomy displays as they start wilting.

Easy to Transport

No matter where you’re going – to a banquet hall or a new home – your silk floras will not wilt due to extreme temperatures. When moving, place your centrepieces or bouquets in a box. Since artificial flowers are hardy, their shape and colour won’t deteriorate. Once you arrive at your destination, restyling the blossoms is easy.


Faux florets require little to no attention. No need to worry about watering. Stems don’t need cutting and petals don’t need rearranging. Fake flowers are long-lasting; therefore purchasing weekly replacements isn’t necessary. Every week, dust your permanent botanicals. Deep cleanings maintain the good looks of your flowers.


Allergic to pollen? If so, ditch real flowers. As for artificial flowers, you can place them anywhere without tickling anyone’s nose. If you’re highly sensitive to odours and can’t tolerate the aroma natural flowers produce, silk flowers are ideal.

Ultimately, the choice between real and fake buds boils down to personal preference. With today’s technology, artificial flowers look realistic, feel lifelike and last long. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to distinguish them.

Whatever your reason for picking faux flowers, you won’t regret it. After all, FAUX is the new FRESH! Use the flowers to spruce up your home’s décor. Have a wedding in a few months’ time? Think faux.