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By | July 8, 2018

Is it Time for a New Air Conditioning Unit? Or Simply a Service?

It is at this time of the year our thoughts start turning towards the weather and how it affects us (too hot, too cold, etc…). It is also a time to consider if our old air conditioning unit is ready to give up the ghost and be replaced, or if it simply needs a service. The thing is how does the average person know? The best way is to look for a qualified air conditioning electrician and ask their advice. Here is what to look for in a great air conditioning electrician and why you should ask questions on the reasons why you might, or why you might not, need a new air conditioning unit installed.

Is it Time for a New Air Conditioning Unit? Or Simply a Service?

Finding the Best Air Conditioning Electrician

•Fully qualified and insured – It is vital to ensure that your air conditioning electrician is fully qualified and insured. Always ask if, in doubt, a great electrician will have no problem with explaining how they are qualified and what for, and why they are insured and who with.
•Knowledgeable and truthful – Ask your air conditioning electrician questions about your unit, what needs to be done, and how much they think it will cost? Great electricians like RCD ( will have no worries about explaining what you want to know and if you need a service or a new unit – they will answer truthfully and knowledgeably.
•Ask for a quote – Once asked, a good air conditioning electrician who knows what they are talking about; should be able to give you a verbal quote that is reasonably accurate and justified. A written quote should be spot on and be detailed with pricing.
•Uses reputable parts and products – You should always ask what parts or products are being replaced and what manufacturer parts the air conditioning electrician recommends or intends using. Never, ever, go with an electrician who uses inferior parts or products. You will be spending money on products that are likely to fail over time and in the long run, this will cost you a lot more money, time and energy.

A Service or a New Air Conditioning Unit?

If your unit is not working, then the likelihood is that you will need to replace it, but there is also a chance that your air conditioning unit needs service. Always ask your air conditioning electrician this question. An excellent and trustworthy electrician will be honest with you and may even suggest other alternatives you can try. If you have decided to have a new unit installed, ask for the most energy efficient – a few extra bucks spent on installation may save you a fortune over time. Take the time to talk to your air conditioning electrician about all the little niggles you have concerning your unit? After all, he does know and should be happy and willing to share this knowledge with you. Please remember, time spent now may save you money on buying a new unit (a unit that you might find you do not need), or from getting the service you deserve and require. A great air conditioning electrician will take time to talk to you, remember to take the time to talk back.